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Unicron Online Backup for Home Users

Unicron Online Backup is proud to offer a robust, technology leading online backup software for home users. The features included in this online backup software are key to not only securely backing up data, but easily restoring it from any point in time.

Super Fast Backup

Unicron Online Backup, has the fastest initial upload speeds in the industry. When compared to Mozy and Carbonite, it backs up more than 2x as fast!

Backup Multiple PCs – Not Just One

Unicron Online Backup allows you to backup 15 PCs in your home, not just one or two. Ensure that all of your laptop and workstation data is secured in the cloud.

Military-Grade Security

Unicron Online Backup secures your data in military-grade data centers. These data centers are located around the world to reduce the risk of your data being compromised by a natural disaster.

Data being backed up by  Unicron Online Backup is encrypted locally, in transit, and at the data center.

Unlimited Archiving

Unlimited archiving and unlimited versioning is an important feature of Unicron Online Backup. No matter when you backed up your file, it will be there for you to recover it.

Save Your Data Today with Unicron Online Backup


    • Simple – One easy account for all your backup needs


    • Secure – Complete privacy protection


    • Mobile – Easy access from your mobile device


    • Powerful – Recover and restore your file versions


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