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Unicron Industries was founded in late 2010 after absorbing the expertise of Houytime Technical Consulting. The resulting merger elevated Unicron as one of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s leading IT consulting service providers.


Our commitment is our mission: helping our clients to be more successful through the effective use of technology. In other words, we are dedicated to helping you leverage today’s technology, tools and proven practices to streamline your processes, and maximize your profits.


Unicron Industries is a leading IT consulting company, but we’re different from other IT companies. From our business approach, to our respect for our clients to our highly qualified employees, only Unicron can provide you with the ultimate service and solutions for your business. We pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable consultants. Clients are important to us; without them, we wouldn’t be here! The first step in any of our projects is to listen and ask questions to find out what the client wants before making our best practice recommendation. Our focus on providing clients with information technology solutions with a business perspective has proven to increase efficiency and overall employee productivity while assuring our clients of reliability, security, and a minimum of downtime risk. Once the project has been implemented, we will follow-up, train your employees, and provide support your new systems. What more could you ask for?


•99% of our clients rate us as meeting or exceeding their expectations.


The Unicron approach utilizes a solution-oriented approach to technology support that focuses on proactive, positive, measurable, and comprehensive results for end users. The goal is to maximize the depth of support personnel experience, expertise and extensive knowledge to coordinate and deliver the best possible service.


In 2011, Unicron management identified the need to find an adequate online backup solution to offer our customers. The need for secure, off-site data backup and disaster recovery capabilities led Unicron to develop its latest offering: Unicron Online Backup!

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